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2 Black Women Who Had A Kid By Same Married Man Now Have A GoFundMe To Get Married! #iShitUNot (Video)

2 Black Women Who Had A Kid By Same Married Man Now Have A GoFundMe To Get Married! #iShitUNot (Video)

by June 27, 2017 0 comments

Hell To The Queen!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

I was shocked to the core (But Not Really) by a tweet that I got from a young black lady which was about a GoFundMe that was created by a black female couple who were looking for money to get married!

Now if you think it just stopped with them trying to get married and needing financial help, you would be wrong!  These people are trying to get married all while having kids with the same man who is married… #iShitUNot, Watch below!

So how is it that these women can have the nerve to ask for money to get married when the reason these whores are broke is because they keep having kids by a married man.  And why is it that all black lesbians seemingly have kids by a man?

Come on brother polight or anyone else, please explain to me how these two women are queens when they were willing to sleep with a married man raw and have his kids?

The truth of the matter is that this seems like a scam because you can go to the justice of the peace and get married for 50 bucks top so miss me with that.  I have heard and seen several different people talk about how they are going to use GoFundMe to rip people off and play on their sympathy!

Help Us Make Our Dream Come True

$25 of $10k goal

Wedding date is February 12,2018 trying too raise money too go towards our wedding and tv show!!! Since the original story was erased because everybody had so much too say let me write it over!!! My fiancé and I are trying too put together a TV show so that y’all could get a better understanding of the situation…. Yasss we do have the same baby daddy she has a little girl and I have a son for the same Guy! Since y’all wanna know every detail we both have babies for this married man……We started dating back in 2014 after finding out we was messing with the same dude! My finance been dealing with the dude since 2012 and I started dealing with him at the beginning of 2014 To answer y’all question NO neither one of us had kids for this guy once we started dating each other! Yes there were 3sums involved dats how we gained feelings for one another…. So later down the line I became pregnant remember both of us was fucking dude at the same time and this been going on since 2014 ….. So I had my son in May and in June she found she was pregnant By this time me and her was already in love so as the years went by the love was so real too the point we decided we was ready too become one… So February 12,2017 I proposed too her in front of the whole hood at her birthday Block party! No we not broke, No this ain’t a joke, and yes we’re really together!!!!! The goal is 10,000 know we not expecting y’all too give us that much…… I cud write a book too help y’all understand bt I can’t….. All the judgmental comments are not caused for because with y’all help are without WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!

click here to see their gofundme page



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