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BT-1100 Mom, 19, Dies In Crash w/ Infant In Car Chasing Baby’s Father After An Argument! (Video)

Black Mothers Are…? By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayo r Sh*tty at this point… duh!!!! HOUSTON — A mother is dead and her baby is in the hospital after a car crash in northwest Houston. Police say the accident was the tragic result

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16 Year Old BT-1100 Sticks A Rock Down The Throat Of Her Newborn Baby Ending Its Life! (Video)

This Is Your Royalty! By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor DENVER – A 16-year-old is facing first degree murder charges after her baby was found dead with a rock in her throat, according to autopsy results released Wednesday. Denver police said that a woman called

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2 BT-1000’s Assault McDonalds Drive Through Worker For Not Putting Chicken Nuggets In Their Bag! #iShitUNot

Black Women Are Freaking Idiots! By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomay or Black women are an embarrassment to the rest of the world!!!! They are literally the only people that you hear about doing sh*t like that and they will somehow try to

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