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Judge Joe Brown Court Room Outburst Tape & Update On His Arrest! (Video)

Judge Joe Brown Court Room Outburst Tape & Update On His Arrest! (Video)

by March 24, 2014 1 comment

Free Judge Joe Brown

By:  Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

OK, It is official, Judge Joe Brown Is an asshole and one cocky SOB but that does not mean that the judge he is in front of can break the law to prove that to the rest of the world!  Please watch the video below of the incident in a memphis court room and come to your own comclusions.

After listening to this and reading a little more, it seems that the judge is representing some woman in the case and she might be trying to rake some man over the coals.  I am not positive but you guys know how I feel about this current system of child support in this country and how it is affecting men in the United States especially black men!  If it is the other way around and a woman is feeling the sting of the unjust justice system then I say Kudos!

The cocky behavior displayed by the judge leads me to believe that being on TV has him feeling better than anyone in this so called small town that he now wants to reign over with absolute legal power but will this now hurt his bid for becoming DA rather than help?

PS.  as for him comparing himself to Dr Martin Luther King getting arrested, ah EPIC FAIL MR BROWN! At that point you sound more like Tyler Perrys Mr Brown


UPDATE: Judge Joe Brown Released From Jail

(Memphis) Well-known TV court judge and former Shelby County Criminal Court Judge Joe Brown has been released on his own recognizance from the Criminal Justice Center at 201 Poplar.

This comes after a request for bail was denied earlier this evening.

We are told Brown showed up to Juvenile Court Monday to represent someone in a child support case.

Court workers told Brown they had no record of the case.

Brown reportedly lost control and became verbally abusive.

One person said there was a near riot in the courtroom.


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  1. ricw91756
    #1 ricw91756 24 March, 2014, 22:47

    First of all, I’m from Memphis and I’ve had dealings with that “Micky Mouse” court. Not a damn one of those SOB’s have a damn clue how to do their job. I was summoned to court on an alleged 10,000+ arreage that cost me 3 days work at appx 100.00 a day plus 350.00 for an attorney just to find out that particular court order against me DID NOT EXIST. Did I get any restitution for the 650.00 I was out because of their miskate??? HELL NO.. not even an apology. And another thing, my grandson’s sperm donor father is behind in excess of 50,000 and he walks with a 100.00 payment. Me…they threatened to jail me over 90.00. With that being said if the bastard can’t keep his pecker in his pants and knocks a broad up, he should damn sure support his kid, and if he ain’t, lock his ass up…white or black!!! By the way, you can call it racial against a black man if you want, I’m white and I got the screwed from them fukin idiots…Hell Yea I support Judge Brown. Maybe you’re just pissed because Judge Brown obiviously has some white blood in his DNA from a couple generations ago. Oh and one other thing, that acting so-called judge is a Magistraie with very limited powers and in this case his authority is limited to a 10.00 a day fine for Contempt cases. It may be our world and your views TJ but you need to look up the law before flapping your jaws. You views make you sound as ignorant as that sitting wanna be judge. I’m betting you are one of those jokes that still thinks the Civil War was started over slavery.

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