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I’m Sorry But In Order To Fix America Its Time To Bring Segregation Back! (Video)

I’m Sorry But In Order To Fix America Its Time To Bring Segregation Back! (Video)

by June 27, 2017 1 comment

Maybe This Is Long Overdue?

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Ever thought that maybe things were better for America back when blacks and whites were segregated?  I mean, the only people who seemed to have an issue with this are blacks but during this time it seemed like blacks were a better group of people and were able to help create more wealth with each other.

This is something that I honestly believe in because blacks claim that when they weren’t under the thumb of the white man then they were rulers of the world!

The black people in America honestly need a chance to sink or swim on their own merits and this wouldn’t be forced segregation but voluntary by the people who wanted to live in such regions.   For some reason blacks refuse to go back to Africa and they refuse to take up arms and fight white people for their freedom but having blacks mixed in with others is causing an obvious problem so why wouldn’t the USA be for this?

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  1. Jaguwar
    #1 Jaguwar 27 June, 2017, 15:19

    HI Mr. Sotomayor,

    I’m seeing an increasing push for “Black only” spaces on colleges. a person I follow on my personal blog had an incredible breakdown on the situations in American colleges today, and while reading it I realized what is increasingly wanted is segregation.

    Now personally I think that’s a bad idea in the long term; because that horse ran out of the barn a darned long time ago; however it is increasingly clear that this is exactly what bBack America (and a growing chunk of White America, unfortunately*[see note]) want. “Safe spaces” for “minorities” who frankly don’t need it are increasingly being pushed by Black people. Black Lives Matter is actively doing work that does even more to make our colleges FAIL than any other group.

    Anyway, as a social experiment, maybe it is time. If you want to live in an all-White or an all-black neighborhood, state, region, whatever have all-white or all-black banks, businesses, schools, etc etc, by all means, you go ahead and do that. Quit trying to make America as a whole, and White America in particular, pay for it.The rest of us who know better, leave us the heck alone. Just quit pretending you’re ACTUALLY socially, ethically, and spiritually equal, because NOTHING you (generically speaking) can say will make that true at least not until you start weeding yourselves out.

    * NOTE: It’s unfortunate becaus it’s e cultural suicide. White people have literally won the world. They shouldn’t feel shame. Regret perhaps , at most, ok, but actual “we need to die” level shame? Please! I find it ironic that this same level of shame is exactly what reinforces the White Supremacy movement these people want to abolish and eliminate. Just saying.

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