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Pregnant Chicago Beastie Stabs Her Child Father To Death In Front Of His 8 Year Old Son Because He Didn’t Buy Her A Gift! (Video)

Pregnant Chicago Beastie Stabs Her Child Father To Death In Front Of His 8 Year Old Son Because He Didn’t Buy Her A Gift! (Video)

by May 3, 2014 2 comments

That 3rd Trimester Is Hell Huh?

By:  Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Chicago hoodrat by the name of Miata Phelan is in jail right now due to the fact that she felt like her feelings were more important than the life of a black man who was the father of her unborn child as well as the father of an 8 year old by another woman.

Why are you black men still dating and procreating with hairhats is beyond me.  I mean yeah sleep with them if you can be sure that you dont come up with any STD or baby but beyond that, what the hell are you doing?

Hell at this stage of the game why are you even sleeping with them?  Todays black woman is a selfish, childish being that cant control her violent outburst and we have almost all been a witness to it or a victim of it.  This man below just happened to lose his life over it.  Watch & Read

So there you have if fellas, can you name all of the stories that you have read where black men were being murdered by their non black counterparts over something like not buying a gift?  I too was put out by a black woman like this when I was on a trip with her, she got mad and left me in the hotel while she went over to her parents home then called the hotel and told them that I was not authorized to stay in there and to have me forcefully removed!

I ended up having to sleep on the bench outside of this hotel in the middle of Texas all over the fact that she got mad at me for saying I was ready to go home!


Pregnant Chicago woman stabbed boyfriend to death for not buying her a gift: prosecutor

Miata Phelan’s deadly temper tantrum erupted after she realized her boyfriend, Larry Martin, hadn’t gotten her anything from the mall. Prosecutors say Phelan knifed the father of her unborn child inside their Chicago apartment.

COOK COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICEMiata Phelan allegedly stabbed her boyfriend in a fit of rage when he didn’t buy her a gift from the mall.

Hell hath no fury like a pregnant woman scorned.

A mom-to-be in Chicago stands accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death because he didn’t buy her a gift from the mall.

24-year-old Miata Phelan reportedly unleashed her anger against her unborn child’s father, Larry Martin, on April 30 inside the apartment the couple called home.

“This is what you get for messing with me. I hope you die mother f—-r,” the woman allegedly said over her lover’s bleeding body.

The trouble started earlier in the day, with a family trip to a local shopping mall. Martin bought gifts for his 8-year-old son Lavelle and for Martin’s 25-year-old cousin, but tragically, not for Phelan.

FACEBOOKLarry Martin was the father of Phelan’s unborn child.

The woman, who is seven months pregnant, blasted her 28-year-old boyfriend for being “selfish,” Assistant State Attorney Glen Runk told The Chicago Tribune.

Phelan started attacking Martin while he was driving home from the mall—nearly causing an accident. When Martin stopped to run an errand, Phelan reportedly kicked and scratched him, then drove off with the car.

Martin, his son, and the cousin were forced to walk back home.

But Phelan hadn’t cooled down yet. She locked the trio out of the home, while Martin banged on the door, begging to be let in.

FACEBOOKLarry Martin’s last words were directed toward his 8-year-old son, who allegedly witnessed the stabbing. ‘I’m gonna die, but I love you,’” the dad said.
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  1. frannycat1
    #1 frannycat1 4 May, 2014, 01:00

    What happened to just screaming at each other. It happens in any relationship. I could never stab someone, the idea is foriegn to me. (Not self defense stuff, you know what I’m saying). These people were raised to mimic thugs, its not only acceptable, but encouraged. Poor poor kids, those poor babies. Breaks my heart.

  2. Mark
    #2 Mark 6 May, 2014, 09:33

    I got a cousin in Detroit that got stabbed by his bm. in Detroit he’s alive tho. I myself could have used you videos when I was married, it may have ended sooner or she woulda got her self straight. The only reason I didn’t end up like my cousin or this dude is because she’s a foot and an inch shorter than me, and even then I was the last to fall asleep and the first to wake up.

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