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The Sheriff Apologizes For The Popeyes Back Bangin Video But You Can Still See The Full Video :)

The Sheriff Apologizes For The Popeyes Back Bangin Video But You Can Still See The Full Video :)

by March 16, 2014 11 comments

Yeah Is Finger Licking Good!

By:  Tommy Sotomayor

OK Yall I had to sneak my way around to give yall this video but if you look closely in the link below, you will be taken to the place where you can watch it.  Just make sure that you have your lotion handy 🙂

Click here

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen -134

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  1. Lakisha King
    #1 Lakisha King 13 July, 2014, 10:28

    why the hell do i have to go through so dam much to watch one of the dam videos??? I mean why post them if you dont want us to view/watch them????? :/

  2. Yomamablack
    #2 Yomamablack 24 June, 2017, 06:16

    Dear Tommy,
    We will stop dragging you to hell, when you stop trying to drag us to hell. If you come for us, we’ll come back for you 10x stronger as you can see and as we always do. We WIN!!! We rule!!! We will get them little social media accounts closed, we will get you banned from youtube and all. We will ruin you to pieces as we already have. So just stop now… #BeSmart 😉

    Tommy Sotomayor born Thomas Jerome Harris on December 11,1975 in Atlanta Georgia know mostly for his bootleg low budget YouTube and radio shows, slave mentality, renting out mansions that he cannot afford, degrading black wemon(because they did not and still do not want him.), and men (because he is scared and intimidated by them)just the whole community as one! He’s even gone as far as in making fun of dead people in his videos(how low can you go?)!!! Tommy, is the definition of a hypocrite, liar and white trash at best! And on top of all that Mr “I hate black people because they are horrible people.” has multiple baby mama’s, dosent pay child support, a lengthy jail record and has slept around with SOOO many wemon that he found out he had another child (and maybe more) for years that he never knew about because he only does one night stands, dosent use protection and once again sleeps around ALOT! And maybe even with men… EVERYONE… THIS IS YOUR KING!!!!! ♔♔♔💁 #FACTS👌 #SorryNotSorry 💁 #YouMadeMe💪 #DontComeForUs👊 #DontTalkAboutMyPeople👊 #DontPutDownMyPeople👊 #BlackLiveMatter ✊

    • EepOpOrk
      EepOpOrk 27 June, 2017, 00:33

      He’s just pointing out what black people do. Go tell your people to stop acting like retarded chimps.

    • Hiskross Enski
      Hiskross Enski 1 August, 2017, 22:29

      You want him to leave you alone so you can treat you children like shit??? Buy your disgusting weaves insted of a good meal for them??acting like maniac when things dont go your way???
      Fuck you!!!
      We support Tommy and against nasty hoodrats!!
      He says outloud what everyone think,the message is spreading and there is nothing you cant do about it!!!!
      The female hoodrat hass been exposed…

    • PanamanianPrincess
      PanamanianPrincess 28 September, 2017, 04:30

      #BeSmart and learn how to spell doesn’t!

    • DaShaLaRaMaReAh
      DaShaLaRaMaReAh 28 September, 2017, 16:15

      People can watch the news and see the same stories, do you know that bitch?
      If people act like that you don’t care but if someone points it out you care about that? Fuk off bitch.

    • makaveli1970
      makaveli1970 22 October, 2017, 16:30

      If you don’t like him then why are you on here? I guess the truth hurts.

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