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Sign The Petition For Free Speech & Getting Tommy Sotomayors Youtube Channels Back!

Sign The Petition For Free Speech & Getting Tommy Sotomayors Youtube Channels Back!

by July 27, 2014 39 comments

Lets Bring Free Speech Back!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor


Over the past 2 plus years that Tommy Sotomayor has been posting videos on Youtube he has had more than 2 dozen deleted!

The problem came with his first video that went viral about Rayon MacIntosh the man who struck back at the violent women in McDonalds.  On that video, Mr Sotomayor only spoke the truth about how violent the American black woman has become.

Because of telling this truth, Tommy has become a target of internet threats, harrassment as well as stalking!

What we would like to do with this petition is get youtube to not only reinstate most of Tommy Sotomayors deleted channels but we would like him to be protected against the false flagging that has been going on against him.

There have been several people on youtube and facebook who have organized groups whose sole mission it is to false flag Mr Sotomayors accounts and this will be dealt with in a court of law where all who have called for this flagging will be sued for the loss of funds but until then we need youtube to start protecting the right of free speech!

Youtube needs to protect its content makers from being targets of non content makers.  Tommy Sotomayor has gotten so popular that he now has his own tag when making or searching for youtube videos which means he has become a house hold name so its time for youtube to treat him this way.

What we are asking is that youtube reinstates immediately channels such as Sotomayortv Sotomayortv1 Sotomayortv3 Sotomayortv7, SotomayorTv6, TommysEpicRants2, JacquesNegro, JacquesNegro2, YwmvInterviews, Ywmvtheshow, Ywmvtheshow2, TommyPonders, MrSwoleFat, Tommynewsnetwork and many many others!

Youtube you make money off of people who make great content so please help protect your content makers by heading this petition and people make sure that you sign this petition because Today its Tommy But tomorrow it could be you or your favorite youtuber who becomes a target of those who just dont like what they have to say! LETS SHOW YOUTUBE THAT WE ARE FOR FREE SPEECH!  CLICK HERE AND SIGN TODAY!  ALSO MAKE SURE YOU SHARE!

Tommy Sotomayor has lost 300 million views as well as 1 million subs because of false flagging!!!

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39 Comments so far

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  1. Phillip E Jones
    #1 Phillip E Jones 27 July, 2014, 21:08

    Signed! everyone who believes in “the truth” should be all over this Petition!

  2. Nicola Rose
    #2 Nicola Rose 27 July, 2014, 21:22


  3. Marcus Harris
    #3 Marcus Harris 27 July, 2014, 21:31

    signed it.

  4. Sarai Heidelmeier
    #4 Sarai Heidelmeier 27 July, 2014, 21:31

    Signed and shared!

  5. nostraquarius
    #5 nostraquarius 28 July, 2014, 08:27

    I don’t know about this one. It seems to be a petition to override YouTube’s freedoms to conduct business as they see fit. If YouTube doesn’t want us to speak there, we should find somewhere else to speak. In America market forces should perseud our actions.

    • PriceDarkKnight
      PriceDarkKnight 28 July, 2014, 11:05

      The problem is not Youtube’s policies but how Youtube chooses to initiate those policies.
      Basically anyone can get your video flagged for any reason and Youtube usually does not even bother to check and see if said allegations are true or not.

      • nostraquarius
        nostraquarius 28 July, 2014, 13:58

        I don’t like President Obama, but a lot of people voted for him without checking his credentials; therefore he is our president. As long as I keep my child support up to date, I can choose to go live somewhere else.

        I love Tommy, but a lot of people voted to take down his stuff without checking the validity of complaints; therefore his stuff came down. As long as we continue to support him, he should be able to go broadcast somewhere else.

        I won’t sign this petition, but I feel where you coming from. This is America baby!

        • nostraquarius
          nostraquarius 28 July, 2014, 14:38

          I want to start a petition to get this nail fungus ad taken off the website banner. That sh*t is disgusting! If you have that, you don’t need an add to tell you you have a problem…and I don’t want to see those nasty ass toes!

        • meekodk
          meekodk 28 July, 2014, 15:44

          agreed we were taught if you are not wanted somewhere then don’t go keep moving forward in life I’m not signing it if you’re a person about your business then setting up shop somewhere else should have already been in the making and at this point ready to go matter fact 700 dollar nights at trump or buying 1000 dollar air time for your show ?hm

        • Fyuku
          Fyuku 30 July, 2014, 17:39

          Obama wasnt voted in by the people. The Electoral College votes for President, not the people. It’s a trick that they pull on the people, so when a president fucks up, they say “Oh well you voted for him”. No matter who gets voted into office, they all want the same thing. Did you know that Obamacare was actually proposed by every single president after and including Harry Truman? They just had different names for it.

          • nostraquarius
            nostraquarius 31 July, 2014, 01:40

            Well if that’s the case, I’m never voting again. I also heard taxes are unconstitutional.

            It’s strange that all those other Presidents proposed “Obamacare” yet none were able to enact it.

          • Fyuku
            Fyuku 31 July, 2014, 07:20

            Yep, like I said, they’re ALL striving for the same goals. Whats really the difference between Republicans and Democrats today? They used Obama to pass certain laws that white presidents wouldnt be able to, and Im a black guy saying this. The next president is gonna be WAY worse, because the people will be deceived by believing the next president is gonna “right the wrongs” of the last two terms, which will be a lie. Also, taxes ARE Constitutional, but INCOME TAXES are not.

    • VinJoy
      VinJoy 28 July, 2014, 17:00

      The petition isn’t an override. It’s many voices asking them to rethink their decision. But in the end it’s still youtube who has the power. Help Tommy out and sign.

      • nostraquarius
        nostraquarius 28 July, 2014, 17:44

        Come on man…that’s not using your voice. Using your “voice” is deleting your YouTube account, deleting YouTube apps off your phone, and not giving them any traffic. If 10,000 people do that YouTube will pay attention.

        In America your voice is your $. Signing a petition is a lazy man’s march…Obama blew the hot air in that balloon too!

        • EvilDevilCuckoo
          EvilDevilCuckoo 31 July, 2014, 19:33

          IF 10,000 people did it, YouTube wouldn’t even notice. YouTube is losing money by allowing the flagging and takedowns and as popular as Tommy is, that’s a lot of money. I signed but it but one petition isn’t going to make them rethink their policy. But it’s like fighting back when a much tougher guy is bullying you. Moving to another neighborhood isn’t using your ‘voice’.

    • Branson Lowenstein
      Branson Lowenstein 25 October, 2014, 18:16


    • Chris Sirias
      Chris Sirias 26 October, 2014, 02:44

      As a business it should adhere to individual rights as recognized by the law. If this out of control censorship is to end we need individual rights as stated by the law to seep into social media. For example, in real life if someone is accused of a crime, the accussed has a legal right to face his accuser. This is put in place for a very good reason. To minimize false accusations. Social media sites should be required by law to expose anyone who flags a certain video or comment etc. to the person that they are flagging. If you are so sure that what this person has uploaded is objectively wrong, offensive or illegal, then you shouldn’t have to hide behind anonimity to make your case. It should be that if you want to flag, you better be prepared to face the one you accused. As it is now, any asshole can flag you just for the fun of it and face no consequences if their intentions were less than desirable. It is much the same as it is now with rape accusations. The accuser remains anonymous even before charges are laid, yet the accused is publicly humiliated before given a chance to prove innocence. This is a sign of the times. Individual human rights and the presumption of innocence is tossed into the garbage.

      • nostraquarius
        nostraquarius 26 October, 2014, 10:21

        “I’m not above the law and I’m certainly not lawless,” but you can miss me with all the law talk. Modern law is written for litigation not to protect people.

        Just like TJ removed someone’s comment from this thread, Youtube has the right to remove someone’s video from it’s site.

        Hopefully one day people wake up and realize government is in place to limit your rights not to protect them.

  6. One Gentleman
    #6 One Gentleman 28 July, 2014, 14:10

    There used to be a thing called freedom of speech, where an individual was able to openly state their opinion. Today, freedom of speech means only being able to speak your opinion, if it agrees with others. If you disagree, you are silenced and given labels like misogynists, racists, homophobic (which is a completely misused phobia), etc. There used to be a time people were able to agree to disagree. Today, we have individuals who are so emotionally offended, they petition for things like banning the word “bossy,” etc. if I dislike a Youtube video, I exit the window. If I dislike behavior that goes against mine, I separate myself. To find out you had so many channels removed, it speaks volumes about free speech. I have visited channels spewing hatred for Black people, yet those channels remain active. I have seen channels spewing hatred against religions, but they remain active. I am curious, why attack your channels, yet no the ones I have mentioned? The internet and world is being governed by irrational minded people. So sad

    • D-MO
      D-MO 30 July, 2014, 16:39

      blacks in general have been programmed with a wipe out all those i’m not with mentality. that 50 cent/ja rule type mind set. but if whites did it to us, we would be screaming and marching about it.

    • EvilDevilCuckoo
      EvilDevilCuckoo 31 July, 2014, 19:10

      I agree with everything you said but the first sentence. There was never a time you could openly state your opinion without repercussions, in fact now it’s a lot better than any time in the past. It may seem like it, but it cuts both ways – anyone can reach people all over the globe now. But that’s a quibble, I’m with you on what you’re saying

  7. Jennolove Charles
    #7 Jennolove Charles 29 July, 2014, 08:59

    its the “truth” to ya but some people feel differently if his video is getting deleted hes getting more complaints than likes so maybe its time to go to a different site if people disagree with what your saying hey thats their thoughts you cant MAKE YouTube stop the flags or the complaints that user are submitting they just go by how many flags you keep getting….im just saying my grandma said its not what you say its how u say it you can be heard without bringing someone down MLK did it JFK did it and they did it with a sense of maturity and still were assassinated…my point is you can put as many people to sign the petition but if people keep complaining and flagging u maybe you should stay on your site cause as long as people dont agree YouTube still has a policy to stick too its not YouTube its people disagreeing you can be ignorant and say its freedom of speech or you can try to tone it down especially on DARKER WOMEN you do go over board with the name calling and the words you use you discriminate on darker women because of your past beliefs….”or what society puts out there” but as i said before the sisters of darker color are brought down because the truth of the matter is lighter skin has always been brought up an darker skin has always been brought down…its just sad that a black man of darker skin is leading the pack with discrimination…i have a opinion just like Tommy but i would never use name calling or hateful terms to degrade anyone i hate when blacks speak with ignorance “he just telling how it is and people getting mad…hes just being real!” no hes not being real hes giving his opinion and speaking on how he feels it doesnt mean its the truth or its fact its just an opinion!!!!! learn the difference…i can say all white people are nasty and weird am i being real? hell naw that’s just my opinion

    #8 APISOSIR 29 July, 2014, 11:07

    I support Tommy, however I don’t like how he brought up black people using “cracker” and “Honky”…dude, really? We didn’t go around lynching whites in mobs, sending dogs on at them and bombing their establishments while calling them those names…you cannot compare them to the names we are called. That was some coon shit there, Tommy. White people don’t need your help man, chill with that bullshit. Especially when we have White people able to KILL black people with impunity, man…lol.

  9. Ras T
    #9 Ras T 29 July, 2014, 19:25


  10. dadrunkuncle
    #10 dadrunkuncle 30 July, 2014, 06:36


  11. Chris Dorner
    #11 Chris Dorner 30 July, 2014, 11:50

    WTF is up with the twitter account?

  12. truckerdave
    #12 truckerdave 30 July, 2014, 19:03


  13. Adrian Nelson
    #13 Adrian Nelson 30 July, 2014, 21:52


  14. Omega
    #14 Omega 31 July, 2014, 06:44

    Where did tommy twitter and facebook go

    • U got me hott out here!!
      U got me hott out here!! 31 July, 2014, 19:22

      Coon hour is over

    • truckerdave
      truckerdave 31 July, 2014, 20:35

      I don’t know man, but he did stated that he was going through a deep depression
      in the last couple of weeks, but again I don’t know, the last time he
      tweeted, he was at Walt Disney World with his daughter, which is they are on vacation, so hopefully he is alright and his spirits is up.

  15. Tim Williams
    #15 Tim Williams 31 July, 2014, 14:12

    What’s going on with tommy pages? Anyone know please tell!

  16. MV
    #16 MV 31 July, 2014, 18:36

    Dailymotion is not an option?

  17. Jamalc
    #17 Jamalc 31 July, 2014, 23:38

    Damn. Finished.

  18. Sammee777
    #18 Sammee777 1 August, 2014, 19:30

    I really wish people would figure out what “free speech” really means. If they did, they would realize that Mr. Sotomayor’s rights have not been violated. Mr. Sotomayor went on YouTube and said what he wanted to say. The government didn’t fine or arrest him. His rights were honored. However…YouTube is a PRIVATE organization that has every bit as much right to exercise their free speech as Mr. Sotomayor. YouTube didn’t like the response Mr. Sotomayor’s brought, so they exercised their right to remove his channels. “Free speech” doesn’t provide the freedom to say whatever you want without any public backlash. It is a two-way, cause and effect road.

  19. Avatar
    #19 Avatar 25 October, 2014, 08:42

    Love the guy . Fuck the Feminazies ! Sighed.
    Cheers from Canada .

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